To: My Non-Profit Client/Friends
From: Andy Duplay, President of Duplay IT. LLC
RE: Non-Profit Donation

Every once in a while I will get an idea impressed on my mind and heart, and that Idea swells and grows.
Recently I had just such an idea in regards to how Duplay IT will do business with Non-Profit organizations!

I have a unique understanding of Non-Profits…I grew up in the business of a school system, and I, myself worked
for a Non-Profit for almost 16 years. The two things all Non-Profits have in common is a mission to serve others
and, unfortunately, the constant awareness of every dollar in and out. I would like to help you with your mission
and your money flow, if I can!

For all qulalified 501C3 (or equivilant) Non-Profit organization, I will be donating one hour of time per month
BACK to your business! Whenever I have worked for you for at least two billable hours per month, I will donate
the third hour to you! You will see this reflected on your statement as a discount. .

I think this will benefit us both! If you have any questions, you can email me or call me at (419) 367-9671.

Take care and good luck in your mission!

President, Duplay IT, LLC
dba Duplay IT Computer Consulting

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