The Duplay IT Mission:
Providing the highest quality information technology services to small businesses and non-profit organizations, at prices they can afford.



About Duplay IT

Andy Duplay, founder and owner of Duplay IT, LLC has 30+ years computer experience and has worked for companies ranging from small home offices with 1 PC to Fortune 500 corporations with thousands of PCs, worldwide. Duplay IT's employees are hand picked professionals with a diverse and proven history of service and support, second to none!

Andy also has a diverse electronics background, having been an Amateur Radio Operator (ham radio) since 1986, and hold the call sign KB8BMN.

Duplay IT is founded on three principles:

  1. Giving small businesses, non-profit organizations, and home PC users the quality of information technology support and planning that is only available to larger firms that can afford "in house" IT departments. Do this at a price that is affordable.
  2. 100% Honest and Professionalism. Too often people that "claim" to be professionals, only to turn out to be just someone who "knows stuff about computers".  HONESTY is the better way to do business!
  3. The employes of Duplay IT love what we do, and also care about the clients for whom they work. We aren't happy, until YOU are happy!


Duplay IT’s Promise to you:

 You will always receive the absolute best service from us, at an honest, and fair price.
“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” This is commonly known as the “Golden Rule”, and it is the rule by which we strive to run our business.

We will always do our best to never surprise you with a bill larger than quoted. We will do our best to always try to complete work for you on time. We promise to always treat you and your problems with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Your success is our success


Andy Duplay

Duplay IT has provided services for…
- Fortune 500 Corporations
- Small Businesses
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Medical Offices
- Legal Offices
- Accountants
- Manufacturing
- Commercial Construction
- Retail
- Schools
- Human Resources
- Private Individuals


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