The Duplay IT Mission:
Providing the highest quality information technology services to small businesses and non-profit organizations, at prices they can afford.



Services Designed to Meet the Needs of:

Small Business
Non-Profit Organizations

Small businesses, and non-profit organizations deserve the same quality computer services that the “Big Guys” get, at prices that won't break their budget!

Having spent many years working with and for non-profit organizations,We are very sensitive to the budgetary limitations they often experience. Special rates apply for non-profit organizations.

Home PCs and Networks
Kids, especially teens, have a bad habit of turning an expensive learning tool into a counter-productive paper-weights.

Music downloads, IMing, personal web pages, FaceBook apps…these may pose a threat to the security and functionality of your home PC. Not only do you get Pop-ups and speed issues, your personal information may be at risk from spyware that may have been installed without your knowledge.

Duplay IT has experience in cleaning up the mess that common online activities can create. Once the mess is gone, Duplay IT can help educate your kids to safer Internet usage.

Duplay IT can also help you secure your network to keep unauthorized people (i.e. your neighbors!) from using your WiFi, or diagnose and fix slow WiFi connections.




  • Password Recovery
    • Lost or forgotten passwords
    • Workstations and Servers
    • Digital Archeology
  • Network design and ongoing support
  • Expansions of existing networks
    • Cat5
    • 802.11a-g (WiFi)
  • Installation and support for most hardware
  • Support for most major software packages, including:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Microsoft Office
      • Word
      • Excel
      • Power Point
      • Frontpage
    • Quickbooks
    • Dreamweaver
  • Database design and support
  • Proactive maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Network and PC security
    • Firewalls
    • System and network backups and recovery
  • Help for "slow" computers, viruses, pop-ups and spyware
  • Setup of new PCs
    • Migration of data from old computers to new
  • Hardware repairs and upgrades
    • A+ Certified Technicians
  • Web server design, setup and support
    • Apache Server
    • Microsoft IIS
  • Dedicated email server design and support
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Postfix/Dovecot
  • Helping you get the most life out of your older but still very usable and functional hardware.

The Guarantee
 If within 30 days, the work Duplay IT performs for you does not meet with your satisfaction, Duplay IT will come back and fix it, at no additional charge to you! *

    *This guarantee is based on original work performed and does not include any additional problems that may arise during the 30 day period.



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